Scandinavian Help is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. It is initiated by Nepalese Students and today primarily based on donations from different contributors in Denmark and Norway.

Pradip Make your Child Proud

Parents donate 50 Kroner per month in the name of their children under our Child-2-Child program. All the money collected supports our own school "Mahankal Primary School located near the remote village of Phapharbar Makawanpur in Nepal

Pradip Every Kroner Counts
We had started second phase of our project "Each and Every Kroner Counts". In this phase we had added some more donation boxes (courtesy from Danske Bank at cafes and bars in Copenhagen. We hope to collect some more kroners, that will be used to educate the children in Nepal. Here are some pictures of the donation boxes 
Pradip ScandinavianHelp Scholorship-Education means life to them
We had added one more milestone initiating a new project "Education means a new life for them". We had signed an agreement with SOUP Nepal ( our partner in Nepal. We support 5 children (details are provided below) to continue their studies. 
Pradip ScandinavianHelp-Sky project
Scandinavian Help Denmark will lunch the Scandinavian-SKY-Project from January 2012. In this project, we will work together with SKY memorial foundation, the foundation esatablished behind the name of there lovely ladies who were died in the plane crash in Shikharpur, Makawanpur. This samll effort is our tribute to these three lovely ladies. We will support 20 Girl students from Bakiya Thakur primary school,Makawanpur.Our support will continue till they finish 10 grade. We thank to Mr Dorji Tshering Shrepa for his great iSnitiation. 
Pradip Make the Trip- We Will Pay You to Go to School
Scandinavian Help Denmark encourages families to send their girls to school by providing a financial incentive. The focus is given on girls, as Nepalese tradition and culture often prevents them from going to school if they have to far to travel. We are working together with SKY foundation.The program currently supports 22 girls from Balkal Thakur School, Shikharpur village, Makawanpur, Nepal. 
Pradip The Orphanage Village-ODS Center
The center currently takes care of 12 children including a blind girl. We support the center with a yearly donation. We will add more logistical support in the future.